Toll Services
Majestic Spice Capabilities & Toll Services

Product Treatment

Proper treatment is crucial, and Majestic Spice provides different treatment options based on the customer’s desire. Treatment ranges from ETO, Steam and Irradiation.

Flavor Specialist (In-House Chef) / Blend Duplication

Having an in house chef and flavor specialist allows Majestic to partake in new flavors and inquire new projects for serious consumers. Being able to duplicate seasonings is also an option.

Private Labeling

Need a certain logo on your label? No problem, Majestic Spice provides private labeling!

Whether you have an existing formula, want to duplicate another blend, or want something completely new? Our experienced team will work with you to develop a custom product.

Mill, Crack, Crush, Cut & Sift

Majestic meets product specification sheets according to each customer’s request by milling, cracking, crushing and cut and sifting.

Automated Bottling Line / Plastic Packaging

Majestic is equipped with an automated bottling line that fills product into the pack size of the customer’s preference which saves time and double handling for all. Majestic offers a variety of packing sizes from bulk 25lb., 50lb., 100lb., boxes/bags and 1lb. jars, 5lb. jars, and 2oz. – 5lb. plastic bags.

Technical Services

Have a technical or spice question? Majestic Spice is there to help!

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