Majestic to offer certified Organic Spices

Majestic Spice Organic Spices

Majestic to offer certified Organic Spices

Majestic Spice is thrilled to announce that we offer a wide range of certified organic spices!

The organic market is rapidly growing and demand for pure, natural, sustainable and flavorful spices is on the rise. Consumers, over the last decade, have become increasingly aware of the methods used for agriculture, cultivation and food production. The government has strict “USDA Organic” labeling to ensure spices are grown free from fertilizers, radiation, genetically modified organisms and pesticides.

At Majestic Spice, we understand the importance of changing food trends therefore we only source the best organic spices. In order to become a certified organic farm, the farm must be pesticide-free for three seasons and have regular soil tests to guarantee no pesticide residue is present.

Why should you buy organic spices?
Organic spices are rich in flavor and not treated with pesticides, fungicides, preservatives and other harmful chemicals. Safe farming practices are good for the environment and we have years of experience working with growers, from all over the world who supply the highest quality organic products. We strive to offer premium organic spices with a focus on taste, value and cost.

How to understand organic labeling:
USDA Organic: All the ingredients are certified organic.

Organic: At least 95% of the ingredients are certified organic.

Made with Organic Ingredients: At least 70% of the ingredients are certified organic.

Majestic Spice is a Certified Organic Manufacturer and is committed to safety and ethical agricultural practices. Our spice company provides the best organic products on the market. Please contact us for more information and to order this seasons wholesale organic spices

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