Outsourcing Spice Blends to Majestic Spice

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Outsourcing Spice Blends to Majestic Spice

We all know spices make food more flavorful. At Majestic Spice we are ready to help you perfectly customize your own delicious spice blend.

For the past 40 years our mission has been to deliver the highest quality and most flavorful spices and blends. Let us assist you to create your personal spice combination. Whether you are planning your own spice blend for your snack line, frozen meals, a new retail selection, or a main dish at your restaurant, we have the R&D specialists to get you there. We fashion innovative and unique spice blends for all food products and various application processes.

Some of our best custom combinations are sprinkled on delicious nuts, french fries, popcorn, jerky, chips, meats and nutrition bars. Our most popular spice blends include Buffalo Ranch, Chili Lime, Sweet & Smokey Seasoning, Pizza, Parmesan Garlic Herb, and Chili Cheese. However no spice or spice blend is off the table. We make them all! Customizing your own combination ensures consistency, saves time, decreases storage space, streamlines your work process and, ultimately, saves you money.

Outsourcing to Majestic Spice gives you the opportunity to replicate your spice blend and scale your formula at any size. Our professional team oversees each step and guarantees your spice blend is under strict control. We help you cut costs by no longer having to purchase individual ingredients, you are able to maximize on bulk spice pricing, you save on labor intensive hand-blending and we simplify the overall ordering process. You will no longer have excess spices to store and will have leftover blends that can be used for future recipes.

Majestic Spice Test Kitchen

Come and work directly with one of our R&D flavor specialists. We have a beautifully designed kitchen in Los Angeles where you can come to test and apply your signature seasoning blend. You want your specialty spice blend to really stand out nicely and this is the perfect opportunity to combine and sample each flavor. Majestic Spice understands the value of time and money so we are here to provide the best service, high-quality ingredients and confidentiality. With this added time and resource you are able to expand your product line and create future recipes. Your secret formula is safe with us. Let us do the professional blending so you can get back to building your business.

Please contact our sales team for more information at sales@majesticspice.com

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